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Theoretical question about the PS2

Posted: Sat Apr 01, 2017 4:40 pm
by c.pamm
With our PCs it is easy possible to play a multiplayer game over LAN or VPN. One step further, you can play multiplayer games over a p2p connection, even with games that have no LAN mode, like the emulators.

The question is:

Would it be possible (theoretically) to write a tool for the PS2 that start some kind of background process, with the capabilities to run a p2p connection? Maybe the ps2 is a too old for that kind of things, but who knows? Today it's possible to stream 8GB isos over a network and I think it would be a perfect project, to get rid of this hacked DNAS thing (as much as I love and respect the work from the guys here).

I know it's a bit technical, but maybe some of you thought the same :-)

Kind regards