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Re: Medal of Honor Rising Sun!

Post by daps2 » Sat Nov 07, 2015 1:38 pm

Vedita BR wrote:
daps2 wrote:Thanks for the update and your help :D

packet captures may be hard to source. but i suppose someone could message EA and say they want to link their 2 ps2s together locally and that it is not working, and ask them for a fix?

If you need any help just ask.

Why they would that? Risk their jobs and stuff? do they even care about our cause?

Good thing is dreaming is for free.
What i was meaning is tell ea i am trying to link 2 ps2's I own over my local area network to play together (which is meant to be built into the game) and ask why it isnt working. This is all legit and wouldnt cause any reprimands to any EA employee.

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