Rogue Trooper Singleplayer

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Rogue Trooper Singleplayer

Post by lazyhoboguy » Wed Feb 02, 2011 1:05 pm

So I started playing this game tonight and at first it was feeling pretty generic and unexciting to me. After an hour or so though once I started unlocking more weapons and abilities I started having a lot more fun. Being able to switch from a machine gun, to a shotgun, to a sniper rifle all from the same gun is pretty cool.

Overall, the game feels like Sniper Elite and Red Faction had a baby. And I guess Gears of War got in too (cover mechanics).

Similarities to Sniper Elite

The game is a third person shooter made by Rebellion (Sniper Elite developer), so its not too shocking to see a lot of similarities between Sniper Elite and Rogue Trooper.

I am noticing so many similarities to Sniper Elite. First of all its a third person shooter with first person sniping like Sniper Elite. Also, like in Sniper Elite you can set mines and salvage ammo from dead foes. Both games also have stealth segments and special stealth kills if you can creep up on an enemy.Even some of the sound effects and music sound similar between the two games.

Similarities to the Red Faction Series

I also feel like this game has some red faction inspiration. I say this because the story, enemy models, levels, and music has a Red Faction feel to it. You also play as a small group of elite genetically engineered soldiers who get betrayed by someone.

I have played like 2 hours so far and am starting to get a lot more into the game, will probably post back with my later impressions once I play more of it.

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