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New member here!

Posted: Mon Aug 08, 2016 6:26 pm
by HeroWolfMod
So, how do I start? Hellol!

I'm HeroWolfMod, an italian player who has recently made a new account on this site. About my gaming career? Let's start with my childhood. Apart from friends and other stuff, the consoles I had were only few handheld Nintendo consoles, a PlayStation, and the most important one for me, the PlayStation 2. Althought the PS1 might be old school, I still like that console, but the PS2 was (and still is) the greatest console of all time in my opinion. It's also the first console I had to swap for a slim version after the fat version broke! :o
A lot of games were made, and the effort on these games was pretty noticeable, starting by famous console exclusives. This console was also the one that everyone agreed on playing with, we even passed great evenings with it, we even borrowed games to eacother, and stuff like that. I also have yet to meet one of my friends that thinks the PS2 is really a piece of trash. :x
You don't know how much time I've spent playing platformers, racing games, shooters, unusual sport games, etc. What I like more is couch multiplayer, something that is slowly dying nowadays with some online games. :(
Although, there was something I always avoided or ignored until few years ago, when it was too late: Online gameplay.
It might sound stupid, but when I was little I was scared to see "Online Multiplayer" options on videogames, dunno why, ahah. Few years ago I realized I had an ethernet cable to connect my PS2 online, but it was too late. The only games I could open up thanks to OpenSpy were Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3 and 4. I was in a lobby with 600 space slots. I never felt so alone in my entire life! :lol:
Back to the topic! I never lost hope on trying to play with my PS2 online, so I searched methods, games and similars. When I "recently" (it was some months ago) found out about the LAN Tunneling method on some PC games, I started to search this method with the PS2 tag, since I knew that some games had LAN functions. And this is how I found out this site. :mrgreen:
I'm kinda curious about this method of playing online using a fake LAN, although the main problem now is my house IRL. Since I can't move my internet modem away, I'll have to decide if to buy a shorter ethernet cable and move the PS2 in a room, or buy a longer ethernet cable, with some other stuff to do. But anyway, I won't be happy until I'll make at least 1 online match with my beloved PS2. With Metal Gear Solid 3 Online too.

*reads rules again*
Oh, I hate cheese snacks. :roll:

Re: New member here!

Posted: Tue Aug 09, 2016 11:11 am
by Mat_S7340
Beautiful story and welcome to the site ;)

Re: New member here!

Posted: Tue Aug 09, 2016 1:44 pm
by HeroWolfMod
Mat_S7340 wrote:Beautiful story and welcome to the site ;)
Thanks man. :)