How to Play All-Star Baseball 2005 Online Again

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How to Play All-Star Baseball 2005 Online Again

Postby lazyhoboguy » Mon Aug 20, 2012 1:18 am

This was originally posted by Freddy in this thread:
I am just posting it in the guides section so it is easier to find.



After quite a bit of tweaking by myself, All-Star Baseball 2005 is now back online for PS2!

How is this possible?

The online server for All-Star Baseball 2005 for PS2 remains online, maintained by GameSpy. Somewhere along the line, it seems that GameSpy removed the downloadable roster content for All-Star Baseball 2005 from their servers. This included a downloadable roster update which is required for connecting to the online lobby. What I have done is reproduced these files so that players are seamlessly able to connect to All-Star Baseball 2005 online!

Here are some images of me accessing All-Star Baseball 2005 online:

(Error message received when attempting to access All-Star Baseball 2005's online mode normally; Failed to download roster version.)

(Online Lobby)

(Hosting game lobby)

In order to play online, just set your Primary DNS Server in your PS2 Network Configuration to :
( DNS 2 hosted by Bobz. The DNS server number occasionally changes, so if you are having trouble please check and compare DNS 2 to what you have saved on your memory card)

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

If you have this game and would like to schedule a time to play, reply to this thread or post a topic over in the Game Scheduling section.

Be sure to spread the word.

See you on the Ballpark!

Special thanks to FreddY for re-enabling online play for All-Star Baseball 2005.

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