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Lan Tunneling (Xlink Kai) Information

Posted: Fri Aug 19, 2011 1:15 am
by lazyhoboguy
What is LAN tunneling?

I haven't had time to write up a full guide on how to setup Xlink Kai yet, but plan to do so in the future. For now, here is some useful information to help you get started with LAN tunneling Playstation 2 games.

LAN (Local Area Network) Tunneling is a really cool method for playing Playstation 2 games online. If a game has a LAN mode, you can run LAN tunneling programs (like Xlink Kai) on your computer and play these Playstation 2 games online, even after a game's normal online servers have been taken offline by it's publisher. LAN tunneling programs basically trick your PS2 game into thinking other players across the internet are on your Local Area Network. The LAN Tunneling program we use to play PS2 games online is called Xlink Kai.

A list of Playstation 2 games that have a LAN mode can be found here: ... ?f=29&t=30

Xlink Kai

Xlink Kai's website: Click on the FAQ link at the top of the page and read through it. Their forums also have useful information.

The newest version of Xlink Kai that works with ps2 is is 7.4.22. You can download it from the Downloads section of their website.

You can also directly download the windows version of Xlink Kai version 7.4.22 if you click this link: ... -win32.msi

The vast majority of PS2 LAN games will play fine through Xlink Kai while using an automatically setup network configuration on your memory card. However, some Playstation 2 LAN games need a manual network configuration on your memory card in order to be playable through Xlink Kai. You can save up to 4 network configurations on your memory card ,so try saving both an automatically setup one and the manual one on the same memory card so you can easily try both if needed when playing on Xlink Kai.

To setup a network configuration save on your memory card you need either the setup disc for the fat playstation 2's network adapter, or you need one of these games that have a network setup utility built in: ... f=29&t=180

A list of which PS2 LAN games need a manual PS2 network configuration to work on Xlink Kai can be found here: ... f=29&t=497

A guide on how to set up a manual PS2 network configuration for Xlink Kai can be found here: ... f=29&t=179


A new LAN tunneling program called XBSlink came out recently and it works with Playstation 2. The majority of us use Xlink Kai since it is a lot more user friendly. But this LAN tunnelng program will be a great backup one.

XBSlink's website is this:

A thread on our forum about this new program can be found here: ... f=35&t=176