Hot Wheels Stunt Track Challenge

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    Hot Wheels Stunt Track Challenge

    Post by lazyhoboguy » Tue Oct 12, 2010 4:10 am

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    Just uploaded some footage of this game.

    The main reason I picked this up is because it has an online mode and a LAN mode. Since the game has LAN it can be played online through Xllink Kai even once the game's network service is stopped.

    I wasn't expecting to enjoy this game at all, but it turned out to actually not be horrible. It runs well and I didn't notice the frame rate slowing down ever. It has creative colorful levels. And when I played this in short spurts the game was fun. After extended periods of time playing it I tended to get a bit bored though.

    The game has you go through a series of different game types and you need to do well in all of them to pass on to the next series of events. The game is made for a younger audience, so it's horribly cheesy voicework can be forgiven.

    The game is not focused around racing, as about 1/5 of the events are racing. The racing is actually well done. You can drift around corners, or go up on 2 wheels. You can also collect flame icons to give you boost, and if you perform tricks off jumps and land them you can earn a lot of boost.

    The game at first seems extremely too easy, to the point that I almost stopped playing. But once you reach the 2nd set of events the difficulty shoots up quite a bit and made the game challenging even to me. This is good for us older gamers, but makes me wonder how the younger audience of this game would handle this.

    Also, the game lets you progress to new events even if you dont come in first. If you make it in the top 3 you can move on, but if you want to unlock things (like new cars) you need to get 1st overall in the events. This is makes otherwise super easy events a bit more challenging since now you have to make sure you are first in the event or you have extra objects to collect in some modes.

    The controls for doing tricks off jumps takes awhile to get used to. At first they were really annoying me since the controls for the leveling of your car arevery sensitive. You get used to it though. Also, I quickly learned that you only do sideways rolls on small jumps and save the front and backlfips for the few huge jumps. Otherwise you will always crash land mid front/backflip.

    The game only lets you do racing events in the LAN mode I am pretty sure. So that means that would be all you can play in Xlink Kai. This game still has its online servers up too.

    I wouldn't pay a ton of money for this game, but if you can find it cheap it is worth picking up if your expectations for it are not too high.

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