SOCOM Unified Server HOWTO

Go here to talk about Playstation 2 online games that can be LAN tunneled through programs like Xlink Kai.

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    SOCOM Unified Server HOWTO

    Post by brad2192 » Mon Jun 06, 2016 9:58 am

    1. Download XBSLink at

    2. Make a Network Config on PS2 that is all Auto. (Auto IP/DNS)

    3. Open XBSLink, Click the Settings tab and then click Network tab.

    4. Make sure your "Capture Device" is either your PC's internet device (if you're PS2 is connected to your router OR you're sharing internet to your ethernet port to the PS2) OR your Network Bridge (if your PC and PS2 are a "bridged" connection. *please copy configuration provided in picture #1[use proper capture device, I am using PC and PS2 wired to router setup]*

    5. With PS2 on the AUTO configuration you created, go to SOCOM II LAN and connect.

    6. Now, click the "Clouds" Tab on XBSLink and click the "Load" button, you should see SOCOM II. Click the "Join" button in the bottom right corner. *provided in picture #2*

    7. Now click "Start Engine" in the top left corner. From there you will see a SOCOM room if one is available on your SOCOM LAN.

    Note: I have a separate Server PC as a single "Orb" per say. I have PLENTY of bandwidth with a Verizon FiOS server package. this will eliminate many connectivity and performance issues X-Link is known to have. Along with unifying all SOCOM games into a SINGLE server. Have Fun!

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