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New version of Xlink Kai (7.4.21) to add in PS2 support?

Posted: Tue May 24, 2011 11:26 am
by lazyhoboguy
Fri May 20
XLink Kai 7.4.21 w/ PS3 Support is being tested by the Team. Public release soon. Kai 7.3 to be disabled/discontinued.

This is very relvant to us here since version is the newest version of Xlink Kai that works with playstation 2. Despite our asking for it for a couple years (, ps2 support was never added into newer versions. ALthough, the same thing can be said for ps3 support as it only works with version too.

Why I am worried is that they have usually not show much interest in making playstation 2 work well on Xlink Kai. I fear that they might release the new version before they have adequately tested the ps2 support. If they cancelled the old version of xlink kai ( before the new version worked properly with playstation 2 it would be a very bad situation for us.

I started a thread on Xlink Kai's forums regarding this matter: ... 039#228039

It might help if some of you guys posted in the thread to let them know that people really do care about the Playstation 2 being supported fully in this new version. Remember to be nice though lol, this is free software after all.

Re: New version of Xlink Kai to add in Playstation 2 support

Posted: Tue May 24, 2011 3:45 pm
by lazyhoboguy
*Update* We can help test this new version of Xlink Kai

The people at xlink kai privated messaged me a link to download the new version (7.4.21) of xlink kai and want me to help test it. They said I could give it out to people to help test it with me.

So if you are someone that has had version of xlink kai working and have actually played a game through it I can give you this version and we can try testing it out for playstation 2 support later today or tomorow.

*edit* This version will install over version of Xlink Kai if you have that installed. So to get rid of version 7.4.21 and reinstall version you will probably need to unistall xlink kai completely and then reinstall version Version is located here: ... 7475524de3

Just post here in this thread or pm me if you wish to receive it help test it out.

I also started a thread in Game Scheduling about this: ... ?f=8&t=517

Re: New version of Xlink Kai (7.4.21) to add in PS2 support?

Posted: Tue May 24, 2011 10:44 pm
by lazyhoboguy
wawow, nosferatu, and I tested out version 7.4.21 of Xlink Kai with Timesplitters: Future Perfect and played a few games to see how it would run. Just the fact that we were able to see other people's games in the LAN mode and were able to join was a great sign. On the previous versionds of Xlink Kai not even this was possible. With our time on this game, the new version appears to be working fine with playstation 2 :D.

Nosferatu was having a little trouble though and said that his xlink kai kept getting disconnected. This happened on the older version of xlink kai occasionally though, so I don' think it is a new problem caused by this version.

Re: New version of Xlink Kai (7.4.21) to add in PS2 support?

Posted: Thu May 26, 2011 3:43 am
Hello lazyhoboguy.
I'll give it a go. Can you send me the link?