how to add gmt time zone clocks into your signature

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how to add gmt time zone clocks into your signature

Postby lazyhoboguy » Mon Sep 06, 2010 3:44 am

How to add a real time clock into your signature that shows the current time in your gmt time zone

What is Greenwich Meridian Time (GMT)?

GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) is a time zone system that is helpful in keeping track of times regardless of international time zone differences.

Every Country, state, province, etc has different rules regarding daylight saving time. If your region switches to daylight saving time in the summer, it means your gmt time zone will shift by an hour as well. So if your time zone is Pacific Time (gmt-8) normally (standard time), during daylight saving time your gmt time zone is now (gmt-7).

So, if your time zone shifts to daylight saving time at the start of summer, you need to change your gmt time zone by an hour for your time to be accurate and make sense to the international gmt time zone system.

Also then, when in winter the clocks switch from daylight saving time back to standard time you will have to adjust your gmt time zone again.

To find out your USA GMT Times click on one of the time zones below to see which you belong to

hawaii time
No Daylight Saving Time change
alaska time
Alaska Standard Time (AKST) = GMT-9
Alaska Daylight Time (AKDT) = GMT-8
pacific time
Pacific Standard Time (PST) = GMT-8
Pacific Daylight Time (PDT) = GMT-7
mountain time
Mountain Standard Time (MST) = GMT-7
Mountain Daylight Time (MDT) = GMT-6
central time
Central Standard Time (CST) = GMT-6
Central Daylight Time (CDT) = GMT-5
eastern time
Eastern Standard Time (EST) = GMT-5
Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) = GMT-4

Add a real time clock into your signature that shows the current time in your time zone

In order to schedule games, knowing the time zones of other players is vital. So, you can now add a real time clock into your signature which will show other players your current time in your GMT timezone.

**11/7/2010 update**
I also made is so when your clock shows up in your signature, it will tell you your GMT time zone to the right of the clock. So if you ever forget your GMT time zone when you are scheduling a game, just look at the clock in your signature and it will tell you.

To stick a clock that shows your GMT time zone into your signature, type (or copy and paste) in the code for the correct clock into your signature.


**For Clock Codes (READ THIS FIRST!!)**

Simply Find the clock for your gmt time zone down below. Then copy and paste the code for the clock into your signature.

To add it to your signature, go to "User Control Panel" at the top right and click it. Then to the left click on "profile". Then again to the left click on "edit signature" Type or Paste in the clock code, then click "submit" to save your changes.


gmt-12(gmt-12) Code:

Code: Select all


gmt-11(gmt-11) Code:

Code: Select all


gmt-10(gmt-10) Code:

Code: Select all


gmt-9 (gmt-9) Code:

Code: Select all


gmt-8 (gmt-8) Code:

Code: Select all


gmt-7 (gmt-7) Code:

Code: Select all


gmt-6 (gmt-6) Code:

Code: Select all


gmt-5 (gmt-5) Code:

Code: Select all


gmt-4 (gmt-4) Code:

Code: Select all


gmt-3 (gmt-3) Code:

Code: Select all


gmt-2 (gmt-2) Code:

Code: Select all


gmt-1 (gmt-1) Code:

Code: Select all


gmt (gmt) Code:

Code: Select all


gmt+1 (gmt+1) Code:

Code: Select all


gmt+2 (gmt+2) Code:

Code: Select all


gmt+3 (gmt+3) Code:

Code: Select all


gmt+4 (gmt+4) Code:

Code: Select all


gmt+5 (gmt+5) Code:

Code: Select all


gmt+6 (gmt+6) Code:

Code: Select all


gmt+7 (gmt+7) Code:

Code: Select all


gmt+8 (gmt+8) Code:

Code: Select all


gmt+9 (gmt+9) Code:

Code: Select all


gmt+10(gmt+10) Code:

Code: Select all


gmt+11(gmt+11) Code:

Code: Select all


gmt+12(gmt+12) Code:

Code: Select all


gmt+13(gmt+13) Code:

Code: Select all


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