Upcoming PS2 SWBF2 Tournament [$Cash Prize]

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Upcoming PS2 SWBF2 Tournament [$Cash Prize]

Post by Mike4Real » Fri May 29, 2015 2:24 am

Hey everyone, I wasn't too sure where to put this, but it involves many organized matches on Star Wars Battlefront 2, so I figured here would be best...

I'm posting here to spread the word about the upcoming tournament taking place this summer over at:
This tournament is the 12th one of its kind, and it uses an open ladder format that usually takes place annually in the summer. Currently there are 8 teams signed up, and it is likely that Season 12 will be the last tournament that the site will host on Star Wars Battlefront 2 :( , since the new game will be out in November.

The minimum size for battles is 3 on 3, (4 on 4 is the usual and bigger numbers are allowed too as long as its even) so if there's a few of you guys from this site, you could put a team together. There's also always the option of joining a pre-existing team, and I know of certain people who are looking for members. First place is awarded $200 after the finals. This is a prize pool based on donations, so it could potentially increase.

If it's confusing that this is the 12th Ladder, but the game has only been out for 10 years, I can explain that. The site was made in late 2007 (the actual url changed a couple times, so that's why you won't see posts dating back to 2007). Back then tournaments were happening more frequently. It wasn't actually until 2009 that things became annual. Also 2 ladder tournaments were played last summer, so that's why its at number twelve now. That was because we were unsure if the GameSpy shutdown would prevent us from playing past June. Thankfully we don't have to worry about that anymore...

SWBF1 and SWBF2 is still up and running thanks to the same workaround that the PC version of the game uses, GameMaster. It just requires changing one DNS address number in the connection setting options. You do this by hitting square when the game asks you to chose a connection setting. You then want to change your Primary DNS address to:
A more detailed guide on how to continue to play on and host PS2 Servers go here: http://www.theswbfc.com/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=60

You guys can totally feel free to copy paste my guide for the online guide section of your site if you like. The more people that know you can still play very easily, the better. You can also feel free to message me if you have any issues getting connected to online.

If this tournament doesn't interest you, there will also be side tournaments which are of either single or double elimination format. No details on those yet but they usually happen about midway through the open ladder.
And of course, once the new game comes out, the site will be hosting competitive tournaments on that game too. Nothing is set in stone yet since we know so little about the game, but there will be something.

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