Area 51

Create a thread here to schedule a time to play PS2 games online through their normal servers.
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Area 51

Post by JamesCableCar » Wed Jul 19, 2017 4:32 pm

Gave the website another bash today and here I am, good work lads

Sticking to routine, Area 51 anyone? I don't have any time or dates but looking to hear some feedback from potential players from PAL regions only!

Shame it looks like the game will only stay PAL for online work, lots of players came from the Americas

Cheers x
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Area 51 is the best... Got it for £1.50 (around 2.50 dollars and 1.90 euros) :D

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Re: Area 51

Post by Hunk91 » Wed Jul 19, 2017 8:18 pm

Hi James!

I'm in for a game. But Last time (Last March or April) it was not successful, We could create rooms but nobody could join. Last time I made a working room was Last october (nearly 1 year ago)

For Ntsc-U players, they need to use the dnas bypass code provided by Harry62, but this means being able to launch homebrews like OPL or using a cheat device.

I would recommand everybody to have a free MCboot memory card. You can even buy some for $10 on ebay. This is now realy a must have to play online!
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