Star Wars: Battlefront II $600 Tournament

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Star Wars: Battlefront II $600 Tournament

Post by SG-17 »

In case any of you guys are interested the Star Wars Battlefront Community is having a tournament in two months on SWBF2 with a $600 prize.

If you need to figure out how to play SWBF2 online again, go here. ... y-shutdown
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Re: Star Wars: Battlefront II $600 Tournament

Post by Ethan1405 »

Hello my friend.

Are you insterested in playing with me?
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Re: Star Wars: Battlefront II $600 Tournament

Post by Hunk91 »

Hi Échange! I also play star wars Battlefront 2 on dracula's server!
May be we can play tomettes. Normaly I'l connected tonight at 9pm (GMT+1)

Where are you located?

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