Which PS2 games still have working leaderboards?

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Re: Which PS2 games still have working leaderboards?

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I think i may know of a way to get all gamespy games to have leaderboards.

The plan i have come up with is to create a website(or add a page here???) and use the software "gslist" (http://aluigi.altervista.org/papers.htm#gslist) to query games and retrieve all the info from them. This data could then be saved and either automatically added to the leaderboards or a group of mods get emailed it and add it manually.

I don't have the technical skill to do this so i hope someone else is willing to give this a shot! I think gslist should be able to achieve this but if it isn't i am sure there is a way by having a server set up that attampts to join individual games.

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