Medal of Honor: Reviving Sun

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Medal of Honor: Reviving Sun

Post by SS_CUBS »

Hello friends, I guess I've gone off the deep end finally. I'm planning on embarking on a project I've wanted to do since January 2007 and I've come here for input, ideas and suggestions. I want to create a emulated server for Medal of Honor Rising Sun. For many of the members from the small but dedicated community and myself MOHRS was and still is the single best FPS experience I've ever had on a video game. That time frame the game was alive(November 2003) to when the servers closed(January 2007) was filled with some of the best memories I've ever had. I made friendships with like minded gamers who were in there teens and we've grown up to still be friends and continue to play games together into our 30s now and will beyond. We cherish that game, every time I come across another old Rising Sun player they share the same sediments. That game changed our lives for its competitive community that lived on the now defunct websites ps2nation and thegamenation. Its inspired myself and another former player to learn game development tools and remake the Multiplayer into a MOD for Day of Infamy on PC. A project that I am super proud of which contains 6 of the multiplayer maps that has given me the chance to play it with some of my absolute hero's from the original Medal of Honor Rising Sun development team. I guess you can say I'm obsessive about Rising Sun and its restoration. I'm sure that this only the next MOHRS project I want embark on and probably not the last.

All of that is only a small part of why I want to peruse this project. I recently saw a reddit post that really drove home why I would want to restore saw this project. ... un_online/. For me its about letting the casual ps2 fan or just curious on looker a glimpse into what was so special to me. I want to give anyone who's curious as to what Rising Sun was like a chance to experience it for themselves. Sure my mod is out there but its not the authentic thing its hard to find and not everyone has a gaming PC. Sure you can play bots or single player but to be honest Ive always felt the online was such a vastly different experience than those. In my opinion Rising Sun with out its online was an average game I know that sounds odd but its how Ive always felt. Online was a completely separate experience that felt like a masterpiece happening in real time every single day. Its that experience that I want to let everyone have at playing.

So enough about the past lets talk about what is going to have to happen to make this project become a reality. I'm just going off of what I know and what I think can be done. Again anyone with suggestions is welcome. I've long thought the game could be manipulated into restoring LAN functions. They do indeed exist in the game I have used them my brother and I hosted our own LAN sessions with 2 ps2's. I know there are a lot of questions around that topic. The problem is they were implemented in an extremely poor fashion. The lan sessions are only accessible after a connection to match making services are established. I do believe that these would still exist if it werent for one glaring issue. When you host a game online or LAN you need to pull data from the master servers region list. With the server being shutdown that list no longer generates the region data when a game gets hosted that missing link causes users from seeing the hosted games in the server browser rendering it useless. I've thought for years that spoofing data could be possible via hex edits and it still may. However dnas and other authenticating services EA put into the make edited games a very difficult task to bring online. Only way I can get online currently is with a real ps2 and copy of the game or an unedited ISO and PCSX2 both of which need to connect to DNS server that is emulating DNAS for me the SWBF1 DNS server is the one that has worked. So I feel the best practice would be to emulate the master server. I have a little server experience but not much just hosting a linux server that hosted project files for UE4 projects. And have some friends who have offered some guidance. Id love to hear from anyone who has successfully hosted a ps2 server and love get a better understanding of it all. I know that The Sims busting out uses is an EA game from the same time period and I will be using that as an example. As far as capture packets I dont know of any that existed from when the servers were live so I will have to go off of what I can pull. I know this adds to the complexity quite a bit and it will be a large challenge.

Anyways wish me luck hope to see you on the Battleship!

If anyone wants to get in contact during the process feel free to join my Rising Sun discord

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Re: Medal of Honor: Reviving Sun

Post by harry62 »

Try this:

Medal of Honor - Rising Sun [NTSC][SLUS_207.53]
DNAS bypass
20C4DA8C 00000004

It bypasses the DNAS check and goes straight to the "can not find online server" error. That error states that LAN will still work even though it can't find the server. It also says to port forward to w/e the host IP is.

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