Best specs for WoW Classic SoM

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Best specs for WoW Classic SoM

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World of Warcraft Classic Season of Mastery (SoM) PvP will be a new experience for single player. It will also give those who played in the classical era the opportunity to apply what they have learned again.

Unlike Classic Era, SoM introduces the three battlefields, their rewards and prestige from day one. You will also find PvP targets in the Eastern Plaguelands as Blizzard used to want to open up more content. However, Blizzard has decided not to make any changes to the balance of the first "alternate" classic experience. Therefore, most of the rankings should remain relevant here.

This alliance-exclusive healer is the real boss of PvP healing. Because paladins focus so much on single-target healing, they are well suited to collaborate with warriors as their "pocket healers" and dominate the battlefield. This is especially true in the Battlecry Gorge or the Arash Basin, where smaller 10v10 or 15v15 skirmishes are suitable for solo play. In contrast to priests, paladins have the advantage of plate armor (level 40), bubbles, seals and blessings. This gives them great utility in surviving and protecting their allies.

The standard PVP version of the Divine Paladin, with access to the protection tree for enhanced devotion

The standard PvP version of the Paladin is 32/19/0. It removes all unnecessary PvE talents like accuracy in favor of a more defensive style like shield expertise, but retains the use of Divine Shock (the last of the divine talents). You then have to dig deeper into the Protection Tree in order to gain Increased Devotion - because you have to use Focused Aura in PvP.

For the Alliance, the paladin is a little better than the priest, but for the Horde, this is the place for healers. However, priests are far from perfect because their cloth armor makes them easy to kill, they lack mobility, and they do little damage. However, if you can avoid the focus you will get a good healing. Another point is that each cleric race has its own spell. Dwarven priests, for example, have the Fearbinding ability, which makes their target immune to the next fear cast on them. Wowhead has a good breakdown of the unique spells here (scroll down to the "Best Cleric Races" section).

The standard PVP version of the disc priest, which shows the combination of 21/30/0 with the discipline tree and sacred tree talents

21/30/0 is what you should aim for as a discipline. This version increases the range, damage and energy infusion of spells. There is also a 15x enhancement effect that increases the damage and healing of your spells or that of your allies by 20%. Then you should invest points in Saints to get some deeper talents, such as enhanced healing to control your mana.

Cunning thief
Better get used to seeing villains in Classic SoM - or rather, not seeing them at all. As for PvP, the Cunning Thief is the best of the three Thief Specializations. They are one of the best and most reliable damage classes in the game and with very few equipment requirements they will haunt most battlefields. You can use any of these three specializations in PvP, but in almost all cases Acumen is the most useful.

In the early day, Classic SoM Gold you will see a lot of thieves running Assassination Coldblood and Enhanced Boning on Mar 21, 27. This gives you unparalleled damage potential against most players in the early stages of Classic SoM. Slightly different, Adept Kidney Punch in Assassination leads to a drop of two points in sharpness (Enhanced Senses). Either way, in SoM, thieves are likely to dominate PvP and PvE as they did in Classic. Especially when the minus number is almost gone.

One of the most important plugins for WoW Classic is the Questie plugin, which adds a pretty good quest tracker as well as the map location of your quest objectives. Since the WoW Classic version is very primitive, the WoW Classic Questie plugin is almost essential.

While most players already had a plugin for the classic WoW edition, some players found upon logging in that it was not working properly. The WoW Classic SoM Patch runs on 1.14, which means that all plugins need to be updated. If you haven't already, we recommend going into Curse Forge in the Overwolf client and updating all of your plugins (if you haven't already). For more Classic SoM news you can visit

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