LightGun games on PS2

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LightGun games on PS2

Post by MartinMilk »

Thought it would be fun with a lightgun thread. Sorry if there is already one.

What are the games you played on PS2 that used GunCon 2. What did you think if it?

Personally I loved the lightgun games on PS2. They we're so much fun and different. Resident Evil Dead Aim is problably one of the most fun and underrated lightgun shooters i've played. But I also liked Ninja Assault alot on the PS2 :)
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Re: LightGun games on PS2

Post by BevP99 »

I have never owned a lightgun for any console, but I used to love playing Time Crisis 3 on the PS2 and in the arcades. Also love House Of The Dead 3 on the Original Xbox. I have a CRT, so it is tempting to go on Ebay and pick up a GunCon. Can I use a GunCon with S-Video though? Or is it just composite?

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Re: LightGun games on PS2

Post by anniepeete »

I too love playing Time Crisis 3

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