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New to the site? Post here to introduce yourself.
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start a new thread to introduce yourself

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Welcome to!

Here is a short guide about how to use our website: ... ?f=36&t=53

Since we will surely be playing lots of PS2 online games and PS2 LAN tunneling matches together now that you have registered :D , you should tell us a little bit about yourself.

Start a thread and tell us whatever you want us to know.

Since this is your own personal thread, you can go a bit offtopic and talk about other stuff not related to PS2 online gaming.

Here are some suggestions on what you could tell your new ps2 gaming buddies lol.

-How did you find this website?
-How long have you been gaming?
-What other consoles do you own?
-What got you interested in playing Playstation 2 games online?
-What are your favorite PS2 games?
-Besides gaming, what other stuff are you into?
-Goldfish, Cheetos, or Cheez-Its, which is superior? (It has been brought to my attention that these horribly unhealthy cheesy processed snack foods are not available in some European countries, so if you have no clue what they are, they are cheese snacks :D )