I’m brand new y’all

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I’m brand new y’all

Post by realdeal23 »

Hey guys, i just recently got a PS2 after not having one for a few years. I’m looking to get back in to playing some of my games online SWB and SWBII, ATV Off-road fury 2, Ghost Recon Advanced, Battlefield 2 Modern Combat, and Hot Shots Golf FORE. Hoping I set everything up the right way. wish me luck and i’m glad to have found this site!

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Re: I’m brand new y’all

Post by teamR@@K!E »

Well hey there

First of all bf2 is offline for good as well as one of my favorites, hotshots golf fore.

I was online for the last few hours before they shut it down on the ps3 for good.

There is a new game called everyone's golf for the ps4 and it's just like or is hotshots golf.

The main game i try to take care of, host, and keep online is Tribes aerial assault.

Other games you will find help from others to play online, but if you ever get tribes, let me know and i will help out with that game only.

Tribes is the most easiest and reliable game to go online with on the ps2, by my opinion. Other games has problems that don't always work and is tougher to connect and get online with others, but you will find out the process by other people and i have seen to many people fail to connect to others for i have been one of them, and that's why i prefer the reliability of tribes and tribes doesn't use xlink kai.

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