TSFP Mode settings

Timesplitters 2 and Timesplitters Future Perfect are now both only able to played online through LAN tunneling programs like XLink Kai.

TS2 never was online. TS:FP had online, but its online servers were taken down. TS2 and TS:FP both have LAN modes, so they can be played online with LAN tunneling programs like Xlink Kai.
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TSFP Mode settings

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Okay, as I've heard some of you haven't really had the chance to get into TSFP's team modes or decided that they're less interesting than non-team based modes.

So here are the map-team mode-weapon combinations that should be fine:

Generally radar should be turned off.

Vietnam (TDM/CTB)
  • Vietnam is quite fun on team deathmatch
  • capture the bag is challenging because you have to keep an eye on the top and bottom parts between the bases
Hotel (TDM/CTB)
  • one of the best capture the bag maps in the game
  • this map also aids tactical thinking because it provides many pickups and paths
Venice (TDM/CTB)
  • when the servers were online the boats sometimes ruined the match because people used the hidden locations to their advantage
  • team deathmatch and capture the bag are really fast-paced on this maps and it's definitely one of the fastest ctb maps
Temple (TDM)
  • because there is only one way into the red base this map isn't really made for ctb
  • with a good weapon set this map is quite entertaining on tdm
Disco (TDM/CTB)
  • team deathmatch and capture the bag are average on this map
  • it's more suited for non-team based modes like bagtag or dm
Subway (TDM/CTB)
  • this is the best map for team deathmatch and capture the bag
  • with a good weapon set this map beats all other maps hands down
Zeppelin (TDM/CTB)
  • team deathmatch and capture the bag require a weapon set that consists of close and medium to long range weapons
Mars Prison (TDM)
  • Mars Prison on capture the bag / Assault sucks
  • team deathmatch and non-team based modes should be played on this map
Siberia (TDM)
  • Sniper Rifles are very common on this map but people won't be able to really leave their base in a sniping match
  • with normal weapons the match still seems boring because of the distance between the bases
Bunker (TDM/CTB)
  • Bunker is fun on ctb because there are numerous ways to the enemy's bag
  • the map layout makes for interesting team deathmatches and is worth a shot
  • capture the bag is not really enjoyable on this map because of the long corridors
  • team deathmatch is fun, but one has to keep in mind that the spawn weapon should deal some damage (e.g. Kruger x2) because the bases don't provide many weapons
Spaceport (TDM)
  • spaceport capture the bag is an absolute letdown and shouldn't be played because of the linear path that connects both bases
  • team deathmatch and non-team based maps suit this map
Chinese (TDM/CTB)
  • perfect for team deathmatch and capture the bag
  • this is also one of the few frantic maps (like Subway/Venice)
Mexican Mission (TDM/CTB)
  • this map is good for team deathmatch and capture the bag
  • the red base has an advantage so when there are 7 people in the match blue should have 4 players
Training Ground (TDM)
  • this map is absolutely not made for ctb because both bases only have one way in/out
The best allround spawn weapon is the Kruger x2, because even if your base is riddled with spawn killers you stand a chance against them

Weapon set:
  1. Kruger x2
  2. Tactical 12-Gauge/Shotgun
  3. Soviet Rifle
  4. Mg x2
  5. SBP500/Minigun
  6. Grenades/Plasma Grenades
1. and 6. should keep their respective place in the weapon set whereas 2-5 are interchangeable.

Time limit for ctb should be 10 minutes + 5 points capture limit.
Time limit for tdm should be 10/15min with a score limit of 100.

Lazy asked me to write down which maps could be used for which team modes + settings. So there you go :)

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