Setting up Servers?

Go here to ask for help about how to play your Playstation 2 online and through LAN tunneling programs like Xlink Kai. If you have any other questions about how to get your PS2 online ask them here.
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Setting up Servers?

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If I'm in the wrong section, I didn't see a better-worded section to ask. So I apologize in advance.

I'm always afraid that if one person has the ability to host a server (of anything), then that one person has the ability to turn it off. I help manage gaming servers for my community and it costs us 100s for all our servers. So that said, I'm afraid there will be a day this community will close their servers.

I'm here to ask how may I run ps2 online servers. What skills do I need? I've set up DNS forwarding before. I've played with DNS and DHCP servers. I have some... loathed exp with PHP and MySQL.

Are there any open-source project git's open that I just can't find because they're in like french or something?

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Also, I'm very interested in games like Area 51, Armor Core(s), FFXI, and Phantasy Star Universe.

Thank you in advance!

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