Been having some awful issues

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Been having some awful issues

Post by Shanzenos »

I used to be able to connect to snipe's THAW server back when it was actually functional on the ps2, and all of my other consoles with online capabilities (dreamcast, ps3, wii) have absolutely no problem online, but with ps2 online games (all of which using bobz server's) I can never connect to anymore this seems to apply to both tony hawk's american wasteland and mortal Kombat Armageddon I have yet to try tribes:AA but I don't think it'll work either. I've tried setting up a DMZ for my ps2, tried port forwarding 5151 and 5150 using my ps2's static IP I created, still no dice. I have tried repeatedly resetting both the modem and the router. Tried turning my router's firewall off too. Nothing. The router, for the record, is a belkin G wireless router from 2008/9. I've been told a lot that if my modem cannot provide and internet connection directly from it'self without being plugged into the router then that's it's the problem but the only thing is that it's an older comcast (my isp) provided modem and the only other thing they'll give us is a terrible piece of equipment. and the only thing that can connect from the modem seems to be the special cat 5 cable it came with, as my other cat5 doesn't work through it. Any suggestions?

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Re: Been having some awful issues

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i see you have not tried tribes aa yet. I can help you there

You should always post what dns you're using because bobz has like three different ones and two are old that don't work anymore. There's nothing wrong with bobz main dns.

If i ever have a problem with bobz dns then i usually use Oc's dns address because it's only for tribes aa and no other game.

So if you own tribes aa, Oc's dns is and leave the second one

keep refreshing until you see a room called "master list" it's a room you can see but not enter and by seeing this room means you are connected and at the right spot.

Tribes is one of the easiest games to connect to online with the ps2 so get back to me once you see the master list room

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