Dance Dance Revolution X has LAN and LAN tunnels well.

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Dance Dance Revolution X has LAN and LAN tunnels well.

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Favrenation pointed out awhile ago that Dance Dance Revolution X had a LAN mode ( ... f=31&t=239), but none of us had it yet to test it with him over LAN tunneling programs like Xlink Kai. We worried the game would LAN tunnel badly and then essentially would be unplayable.

I finally got this game with a dance mat, and my xlink kai was mysteriouslly actually network reachable tonight so we were able to test the game out over Xlink Kai. As it turns out, DDRX runs very well over Xlink Kai. We played from Wisconsin to California, so lag doesn't seem like it will be a problem at all for this game through LAN tunneling. It supports up to 8 players in the LAN mode and has a bunch of different modes and songs to choose from.

I think this is pretty great that a game this different from the normal ps2 online experience has a LAN mode and will be playable online indefinitely. I'd never tried DDR before, but quickly started enjoying the game and am happy to know I can continue playing this online into the future with LAN tunneling programs. Now that we know this works well over LAN tunneling, if other people are interested in DDR, I think it is a worthy purchase if you are in a position to use LAN tunneling programs like Xlink Kai. I can see myself playing this frequently in the future. With the sad news that Amplitude will be going offline for good with the shutdown of the Socom servers, this makes me a bit happier since we get some type of rhythm game that will be online forever now.

So I added DDR X to the list of games you can add to your profile. Instructions on how to add games into your profile are here: ... f=36&t=126

I added a section for the game in the Community Online Game list as well. So if you own this game, please post in that thread so I can add you as owning the game: ... f=10&t=222

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