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Add your LAN (Xlink Kai) games into your profile!

Posted: Fri Oct 08, 2010 11:00 pm
by lazyhoboguy
How to add your LAN (Xlink Kai) games into your profile!

After a lot of messing around I figured out a way to allow everyone to add the Playstation 2 LAN (Xlink Kai) games that they own into their profiles.

Step 1: Click on "User Control Panel" at the top of the page.
Step 2: Click on "Profile" to the left.
Step 3: Scroll down and then check the boxes next to all the LAN Playstation 2 LAN (Xlink Kai) games that you own.
Step 4: Make sure to hit "submit" at the bottom to save everything.

After that all these games will show up your profile when it is viewed.

If you notice any bugs or typos please let me know.

Also, Community Videos Section has been locked

The point of the community videos forum section is to keep videos of PS2 online and LAN tunneling (Xlink Kai) community meetups in an easy to find spot. So in order to keep things organized, each game gets only one thread. This section is supposed to act as a list of sorts for the videos.

So the Community Videos section is now locked because discussion about games we had played were going on for too long here and making it hard to find the actual videos in the thread. That discussion is supposed to happen in the "After the Game" section of the site which is located here:

So if you have a video of an online PS2 or LAN tunneling (Xlink Kai) Playstation 2 match, post the video in the After the Game thread about that match. Then I or the other admin or moderator will move move your video into the community videos section. If we forget to post your video in the community videos section. Just private message us or post in that "After the Game" thread to inform us to do it.

Re: Add your LAN (Xlink Kai) games into your profile!

Posted: Sat Oct 16, 2010 1:18 am
by lazyhoboguy
Bug Fix (10/15/2010)

Gran Turismo 4 and Heroes of the Pacific were set to be checked by default and Favrenation and RogueCommando had this make the games appear in their list when they didn't pick those games.

I fixed that bug now, but you have to add those games into your list again if you previously had them in your list.