Sunday Night Weekly Game (Game Changes Each Week)

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Sunday Night Weekly Game (Game Changes Each Week)

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Sunday Night Weekly Game (Game Changes Each Week)

The weekly Timesplitters: Future Perfect games on Saturday Nights are great, but there are tons of other Playstation 2 online games to play. So here in this thread we decided to start a weekly game where the game played changed each week.

The time we decided on was Sunday nights at 6:30 PM Pacific Time (GMT-8 during Standard Time and GMT-7 during Daylight Saving TIme).
First Weekly Sunday Game: Project Snowblind
For our first weekly game we are going to play is Project Snowblind through Xlink Kai. This will take place this Sunday November 14. Following Sunday Night games will be decided and announced in the Game Scheduling section of the site.
How will we decide which game to pick each week?
This is tough, since there are tons of Playstation 2 games we can't vote for every single one each week. But for now, thought I or Noonotthat could pick 10 games to be voted on. 4 or 5 would be more popular titles and the other 4 or 5 could be oddball games/games we dont often play. The poll options will be comprised of games that only are playable through Lan Tunneling (Xlink Kai) and games that still have their servers up.

The poll will start 2 weeks before a game. You will have one week to vote. Then the game will be decided by the poll and will be announced one week before the Sunday it is to be played.

Think there should be one rule to this system. We won't play the same game 2 weeks in a row. Don't want everyone voting for the same game week after week haha.

Also if a game starts consistently winning every other week, we probably will take it out of the poll for a few weeks to give other games a chance to be played.

Since today is Tuesday the Poll for Next Sunday (11/21/10) will be less than a a week. But usually it will run from Sunday to Sunday.

Hopefully this system will work out well.

Also, Remember to adjust your GMT Time Zone clocks on account of Daylight Saving Time Ending a last Sunday! Click Here to do that.

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