Community Online Games List Created

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Community Online Games List Created

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Community Online Games List Created

Community Online Games List

I made a list to show who each owns each PS2 LAN (Xlink Kai) game and each PS2 online game (no LAN/servers still up). So you can browse by the game title to see who owns each game, rather than having to look in everyone's profiles to see what they own. This will be really helpful for game scheduling.

Please help us keep the Community Online Games List Updated

This list was made based on what Playstation 2 online games people had added to their profiles on 11/22/10. So, if you did not have your online games added into your profile on that date, you aren't listed under the games. So if you update your profile with your online PS2 games after 11/22/2010 or if you acquire new PS2 online games please post a reply in the thread where the list is contained. That way we can keep the list updated.

Not sure if I just confused you all lol. Basically if you see that your name isn't listed under your online Playstation 2 games in the Community Online Games List, post a reply in the thread the list is in so we can update it and add your name in.

Also, don't forget to update/add all your PS2 lan games/PS2 online games into your profile. Click here to learn how to do this. But if you do update your profile, still let us know by posting in the Community Online Games List so we can keep it up to date.

Other Small Update regarding Crash Tag Team Racing

I noticed this game was missing from the List of games with a LAN mode (can be played on Xlink Kai). I added it in.

It was also not able to be added into your profile before, so that has been fixed and you can now add Crash Tag Team Racing into your profile if you own it. If you do update your profile by adding it, please post a reply in the Community Online Games List thread so we can keep that updated.

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