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New Site Feature (add time zone clocks in signatures)

Posted: Sun Sep 05, 2010 7:42 am
by lazyhoboguy
Pike Fodder, you made a pretty good suggestion. He posted asking if there was a way to stick real time flash clocks into site profiles. I had not thought about that before, but I looked into it and figured out a pretty easy solution to make this happen. Using a website that provides free real time clocks based on time zones, I made it so you only have to type in a small amount of code and then a clock for your time zone will show up in your signature. This is significant because it lets other community members see your current time in your time zone.

To find out how to add a gmt time zone clock into your signature please read about it in the guide below.

how to add gmt time zone clocks into your signature

-Another small change you may notice is that now your Xlink username will show up in thread underneath your avatar.