Added User Ranks

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Added User Ranks

Post by lazyhoboguy »

Got bored today and created some custom user ranks for the site. They are based on your post count and change after every 10 posts. Please dont start spamming up the board or making offtopic posts to increase your post count though. The complete list of ranks is below. They are all stupid jokes about the titles of PS2 online games lol. Wawowe and Favrenation helped me think of a few. If you think this idea is too stupid, maybe we could just get rid of the jokes and make each rank the real names of the games. Let me know what you guys think.

0 posts= level 1
10 posts= level 2
20 posts= level 3

Level 1: Deer Hunter
Level 2: My Street Resident
Level 3: The Not Very Fast and the Perturbed
Level 4: Rumble Group
Level 5: 187 Avoid this Game or Die
Level 6: Respectful Citizen Golf 2
Level 7: PacifistZone
Level 8: COD2 BRO-ther
Level 9: Greg Hasting's Competition Squirtguns Max'd
Level 10: Delta Force: White Seagull Down
Level 11: Ratchet & Clank: Stay Out of My Arsenal!
Level 12: Warm Summer
Level 13: Midday Club 2
Level 14: Location 51
Level 15: Partial Spectrum Warrior: Ten Wrenches
Level 16: Immoral Kombat: Reconciliation
Level 17: Silly Sam: Previous Encounter
Level 18: Tourist Evil: Fannypack Outbreak
Level 19: SOCOM: Antartican NAVY SEALS: Divided Defense
Level 20: X-men Unknowns 2: Typical Day
Level 21: Second Cousins in Arms: Path to Valley 30
Level 22: Rogue Soldier
Level 23: Ribbon of Shame: Rising Storm
Level 24: Rookies: Return to Arms
Level 25: Freezeout: Takedown
Level 26: Villains of the Atlantic
Level 27: ATV: PavedRoad Glee
LEvel 28: DDL(L= Let's Keep the Status Quo) Extreme 2
LEvel 29: Ecstasy Bar Universe
Level 30: Amplitude FreQ
Level 31: Zombie Recon: Jungle Heatwave
Level 32: Archer Elite
Level 33: Tony Eagle's Pro Flyer 3
Level 34: Star Fights: Wookiefront 2
Level 35: Metal Gear Solid Substance Abuse
Level 36: Tribes Underground Defense
Level 37: Rural Chaos: Sick Cow Response
Level 38: Project: Weather Induced Impaired Vision
Level 39: Jak X: Wombat Racing
Level 40: Untwisted Lumber Black Online
Level 41: Can't Think of More Ranks...Time to Split!

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Gone for 25 to Life...
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Re: Added User Ranks

Post by letsgothere »


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Re: Added User Ranks

Post by Artur »

Sounds interesting so far. Love that there is a TimeSplitters rank too :D

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Re: Added User Ranks

Post by teamR@@K!E »

i have never seen this before
i'm pissed that tribes is such a high rank and its insulting in a VERY funny way

resident evil is still my favorite

warm summer insted of cold winter LoL

so would killzone be

life unfocused live out zone unzoned

live unfocused

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Re: Added User Ranks

Post by JamesCableCar »

Yeee an Area 51 rank :D
My PS2 YouTube account =

Area 51 is the best... Got it for £1.50 (around 2.50 dollars and 1.90 euros) :D

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