The most recent high-profile instance

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The most recent high-profile instance

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At the time of writing it has been hours since ScudzTV published the tweet FC 24 Coins . In the time since then it has received 2,800 retweets and 14,000 likes. EA Sports has not yet responded to the claims made by ScudzTV.

Elserwhere, EA banned over 9000 accounts and issued over 25,000 warnings or suspensions this week in an ongoing campaign to fight racism in FC.

Electronic Arts (EA) has vowed to take more action against racism within the FC 21 community.

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A recent Eurogamer article brought to light that despite EA’s ongoing efforts to curb racism and any other form of toxicity within its games through the Positive Play Charter, the issues are still as prevalent as ever.

The most recent high-profile instance happened earlier this month, when a Pro Team player racially abused Arsenal legend Ian Wright. As a result, the player was slapped with a lifetime ban and a stern warning to the FC community that “there’s NoRoomForRacism, anywhere”.

Eurogamer’s article listed several instances and examples of racism within the community that are flying under the radar through player-designed club and player names.

The racism problem isn’t only prevalent in the FC community, however. EA released a statement in February regarding racism in its NHL games and announced that new technology and tools are being implemented to cheap EAFC 24 Coins combat offensive behaviour among players.

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