How to schedule a LAN tunneling (Xlink Kai) game

Create a thread here to schedule a time to use LAN tunneling (Xlink Kai) to play Playstation 2 games online.
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How to schedule a LAN tunneling (Xlink Kai) game

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Create a thread here to schedule a time to play a Playstation 2 game online through LAN tunneling with Xlink Kai or other LAN tunneling programs.

When you post a thread to schedule a time for your online game make sure to tell us your time zone. Tell us your GMT time zone as well if you know what it is.

Try to post as early as possible to give people enough time to see your post and try to make your game. Even if you happen to start playing an online game that wasn't planned beforehand, post here to let us know as people might see it and join you in your game.

Adding a clock for your time zone into your signature is extremely helpful for scheduling Playstation 2 online games. It will also tell you what your GMT time zone is. To find out how to do that go here: ... ?f=36&t=51

Instant Messengers
These are very helpful for communicating before and during PS2 online games. When you post your thread to schedule a game, ask if people have instant messengers and tell them which ones you have.

Also, refer to this thread here to see a list of people's Xlink Kai user names:
List of site members with Xlink Kai

To see which online PS2 games other site members own go here to view the Community Online Games List

If you want to plan a normal PS2 online match (through game's still online servers) please post your thread in the main section of game scheduling.

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Re: How to schedule a LAN tunneling (Xlink Kai) game

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Does this require the thing you have to plug into the PS2 for online? Or can you do it without it?

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