Timesplitters Future Perfect (Weekly Game 10/15/11)

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Timesplitters Future Perfect (Weekly Game 10/15/11)

Post by john.roush.89 »

Just wanted to remind everyone that our next weekly game of Timesplitters Future Perfect will be this Saturday 10/15/2011 at 10:30 PM Eastern Time (GMT-4). It will be played through LAN tunneling with Xlink Kai. Or if we run into trouble with XLink Kai, we might try using XBSlink.

If you are confused by what time the game starts because of time zone differences, look at the clock in my signature which is for the Eastern Time Zone. The game starts once that clock shows 10:30 pm.

So just show up in the TSFP arena on Xlink Kai if you want to play. You can also try finding us on the Chat, instant messengers, or skype. If you plan to show up, or know that you cannot make it, try to post back in the thread to let us know.

If you ever forget the time for the weekly match, it is also posted on the game calendar.

More info about the weekly game can be found in the the news post about it

I'll be there.

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Re: Timesplitters Future Perfect (Weekly Game 10/15/11)

Post by Mr.Chale »

im game tonight after a long hiatus from video games

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