On the other hand the things EA has highlighted in the pre-release

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On the other hand the things EA has highlighted in the pre-release

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If you're one-on one with the 'keeper this will definitely increase your chances of scoring FIFA 23 Coins. However, aiming switches to fully manual when you're aiming which means it's simple to throw them out for a throw-in if you do it wrong.

They also take longer to take off than normal shots, which gives defenders more time to put a block in and then the camera will zoom into a small amount to inform your opponent of what you're getting up to, meaning that they're far from being able to score.

Set pieces today require an understanding of basic the physics of the game, gives you complete control over precisely where the taker hits the ball. It's easier to grasp on corners than free-kicks where you have to be more precise to be successful. It is much more logical as opposed to the odd stick-flicking mechanism utilized for FIFA 22. Penalties have also been revised with a brand new timing-based system that puts more pressure on the goalie, which is probably how you should do it.

On the other hand the things EA has highlighted in the pre-release, such as deflections and collision physics look and feel exactly the same as last year. While the weight of the players has increased to a greater degree however, players continue to collide with each other and cause unrealistic collisions, particularly considering the tendency to keep that hand hovering above the sprint button.

A lot of the new deflections produced by an extended foot or leg can only be observed via replay. Also, replays I've seen I've observed these shots -- particularly those that are power-based- would cause some painful injuries. Deflections and 50-50s are still favored by the AI particularly as you get used in the new body forms and what they mean in terms of acceleration.

HyperMotion as well as realistic physics don't work. There's a lot of sliding and unnatural motions that hinder what should be realistic outcomes. Sliders like OS' Community Sliders can help slow the game down and make the game more realistic buy FUT 23 Coins, however they're only able to do the job when it comes to physics.

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