Tribes: Aerial Assault (7/04/14) Early Game !

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Tribes: Aerial Assault (7/04/14) Early Game !

Post by chak88 »

Me and TeamR@@kie played today (July 4th,2014) at 9AM EST Earliest Game I have Ever Played for a PS2 Online Game. We ended up playing 5 Games and I did a lot better than I have in the past I actually scored some flags ! :D

Hopefully Next Time We Can Get Some More Players But Either Way It Was Fun Beating Up On The Bots ! 8-)

I took pics of the score for game 3 and 4

it felt good to finally play this again !

Game 3


Game 4


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Re: Tribes: Aerial Assault (7/04/14) Early Game !

Post by teamR@@K!E »

sweet, some pics

it was a blast... a little too early for me but i had a sweet time cruising around in the transporter and picking up chak88 while he ripped up some bots from the transporter then he drove the transporter and picked me up when i had the flag

blackbutterfly said he couldn't see my room for some reason so i hope we figure out what happened

the speed of the ping was really good chak88

next time you're in a public room of tribes, hold down the select button and tap or hit the R2 button will show the ping speed on the bottom right corner of the screen

chak... thanks for playing and it's nice to have a reply in the after game lobby
there has been nothing here since February

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Re: Tribes: Aerial Assault (7/04/14) Early Game !

Post by blackbutterfly »

Hi teamR@@K!E ,
it just happened to me again that I can't see your room.
Is this because you stop hosting??
If you're still hosting the room, please let me know then I will try to solve the problems.
If you stop hosting, then that's fine. Let's play another time.

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