Cod 2 after game lobby

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Cod 2 after game lobby

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Well at first there was one room of three players and i could not connect to it so i tried different things and still no good.

Another room popped up and i could join that room except it had a 60 minute game going on so i hung out for a bit and then hosted my own room.

It worked great, even though there's always lag in this game, everyone could join my room and no one got dropped.

There were up to five players in my room and we did DM on ten minute maps.

Some maps has tanks and i didn't know that so like watch out.

The next time, if there's more players, we should do some domination or ctf.
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Re: Cod 2 after game lobby

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Sweet I might have to play next week. If you can't join someones game that usually means that the hosts ports aren't open. There are some specific ports that need to be opened up in order to play.

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