Amplitude (9/14/11)

Go here to see which online PS2 games our community has been playing. Also, go here to discuss a specific online match you played in.

So, if you met up with some community members for an online match, feel free to post a thread here to start up some discussion about that specific game.
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Amplitude (9/14/11)

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We played for hours, good games. EthanE3Eves is really good, was getting between 1000 and 1600 points on brutal everytime and showed me some remixes that i really liked, and I was able to save them :D

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Re: Amplitude (9/14/11)

Post by EthanE3Eves »

Eves' After-Game Report:

It took a while to get things going; I had a blast hanging out in the IRC chat for a while and shootin' teh breeze with other members. :D

I had an awesome time playing with wawowe. He didn't seem to get tired of he game at all! It's nice to see people are really into this game after all these years. Hoping to rack up some more games in time with wawowe and others. :)

All in all, this community brings me back a few years, even reminds me of the old FreQRemixes site for years ago - from the layout to the laid back attitude. I'm diggin it!
Special thanks to wawowe for going out of his way to help get things running more efficiently on my PS2 setup. Thanks again, man. I wasn't expecting it, haha.

I am an oldschool AMPLITUDE player. Contact me if you want to game it up!

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