TimeSplitters 2 on 3/02/12 @ 6:00 PM (7:00 at the Latest)

Go here to see which online PS2 games our community has been playing. Also, go here to discuss a specific online match you played in.

So, if you met up with some community members for an online match, feel free to post a thread here to start up some discussion about that specific game.
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TimeSplitters 2 on 3/02/12 @ 6:00 PM (7:00 at the Latest)

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Unfortunately, only a couple of matches were played. It was still a great experience, though. I especially like the fact that the game is practically lag free.
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Re: TimeSplitters 2 on 3/02/12 @ 6:00 PM (7:00 at the Latest

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Yea that game over xlink kai handles lag very well. Unfortunately sometimes the game's lan mode can be buggy and it can be hard to get more than 2 people to connect without a lot of exiting out and coming back. They also forgot to include the option to spawn with a gun in the LAN mode. In every other mode of the game that option is available. Seems like they rushed the LAN mode and didnt test it very well heh. Regardless, when it works its still a lot of fun. TSFP's LAN mode works a lot more consistently, but I do enjoy the different feel and different weapons of TS2 for a change sometimes.

Im dealing with moving to a new apartment, so Ill probably be busy for the next week or 2. Theres a small chance I could play sometime this week though.

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