You can select which orbital server you use on Xlink Kai.

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You can select which orbital server you use on Xlink Kai.

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This is good news, as it has appeared that trying to play a game with a lot of people scattered across different orbitals causes problems. I'd be interested to see if everyone connecting to the same orbital will make Xlink Kai a bit more stable. ... 323#234323

Go to the above link (which has images too), or read the steps on how to do this here:

So we've had some requests from users asking if this is possible, it is.

This is an option you have to put on the command line when you launch the engine. It's case-sensitive so make sure you use all uppercase for the orb name.
The example below shows what you need to type if you want to connect to the 'Arizona' orb, simply replace that orb name if you wish to connect to a different one.

Here's how you do it:

64-bit Windows:
"C:\Program Files (x86)\XLink Kai\kaiEngine.exe" --orb ADVANCED_ARIZONA

32-bit Windows:
"C:\Program Files\XLink Kai\kaiEngine.exe" --orb ADVANCED_ARIZONA

Image Image

The following orbs are available:

- DC1
- DC2

You can also set Kai to always log into your desired orb by editing the 'Start Kai' icon/shortcut.

Right-click on your Kai icon and click the 'Shortcut' tab. There, input the same command as you've used above in the 'Target' box. Hit 'Apply' and OK.

**NOTE** Once you have set this, Kai will always look to login on the orb you've selected. If that orb is full or offline, you may run into problems. Simply repeat the above step and select a different orb to use until your desired orb becomes available.


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